The Sliced Bacon Specialists

Irish Bacon Slicers Limited

As one of Ireland’s largest sliced bacon producers, Irish Bacon Slicers offers an exciting and broad range of bacon products.

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Irish Bacon Slicers is a family owned second generation Pork and Bacon producer based in Ballincollig. Founded in 1979 Irish Bacon Slicers has grown to become one of the largest suppliers of Bacon and Pork to the Retail, Foodservice and Wholesale trade, producing over 150 tons of Bacon products per week. Ireland and the United Kingdom represent the largest markets for Irish Bacon Slicers products with an ever expanding and loyal customer base in Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Malta, Cyprus, Turkey and South Africa.


A strong management team, led by Company Director's Olan and Cian Bradley, manage all aspects of the product production process; from raw material selection, to packaging concept and design through to product quality and appearance. Continuous investment in state of the art production facilities ensures that Irish Bacon Slicers leads the way in delivering flexibility, quality and innovation to it’s customers. Read more...